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Community News Archive

This archive contains general news items that were previously of interest to our community.

For past items pertaining to Scarborough Subway & Rapid Transit and the Span McCowan Project, please refer to:

Span McCowan

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The North Bendale Community Association is conducting an events survey so we can hear directly from our residents on local events you would be interested in participating in to enable us to better serve our community. Please take 5 minutes and participate now.

Scarborough Civic Centre Library
Architect Award

The Toronto Public Library Scarborough Civic Centre Branch by LGA Architectural Partners and Phillip H. Carter is a winner of the Ontario Association of Architects Award 2016 Design Excellence.
Click here to learn more about the attributes of this building that made it a winner.


Toronto Zoo Might Get a New Monorail

The Toronto Zoo Board received an unsolicited proposal from a company called Magnovate Transportation Inc., which wants to build a magnetic levitation (maglev) train along the old monorail route.  Read more...

Announcements: Thousands of Jobs Available

Councillor Glenn De Baermaeker recently announced on his website that there are:

  • Hundreds of City of Toronto Jobs for the Summer of 2016
  • Thousands of Census Canada Jobs for March 2016 to July 2016

For details, please refer to Glenn's website:

For more JOBS information, please refer to our new Jobs web page.

Expert Panel Recommends New Hospital and Improvements to both Scarborough and Centenary Hospitals
Click to

Your help is urgently needed to let our Ontario Government know that the recommendations need to be adopted and implemented. Please see the full article.

Refreshed NBCA Website - March 24, 2016

Your Board of Directors are pleased to announce we have refreshed the NBCA website to keep you informed of important issues that affect you and your families while promoting local News and Events linked to external websites to ensure up to date information is available at at your finger tips so you can stay active within our local community.

Our recent additions of Local Attractions and History pages provide you with exciting new content and the other pages (Community Contacts, Local Schools, Maps, Safety) in our site have been updated as well so please click around, explore and enjoy our site’s new look and feel.

If you have any new content to suggest please email us at info@northbendale.org.

St Richards Catholic School Celebrated it's 50th Anniversary
May 2015

City of Toronto Extends Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) City-Wide
April 2015

Through the Home Energy Loan Program, qualifying home owners can apply for a low interest loan from the City for energy efficient improvements on their homes. Loans are then paid back over time on their property tax bill. Five benefits of HELP financing are:

  1. HELP allows you to avoid the large upfront cost of home energy improvements and pay for them over time.
  2. HELP financing is attached to the property, not to the property owner. If you sell the property before the loan is repaid, the new owner will assume the balance of the loan and continue to repay it through the property tax bill.
  3. You may pay off your HELP loan at any time, without penalty.
  4. You benefit from low interest rates and longer repayment terms, compared to conventional financing.
  5. You can take advantage of incentives to reduce the cost of your projects. An incentive of up to $650 is available from Toronto Hydro for replacing your furnace and air conditioner with high efficiency units

For more details and how to apply, visit the City of Toronto HELP webpages via the link below
City of Toronto … Programs for Residents Grants, Incentives & Tips Home Energy Loan Program

NBCA is Supporting a Local Youth Group
April 2014

Recently your Board of Directors heard a presentation by Menojh Jeyakumar of the Phronesis Group who are in the 10th grade at W.A. Porter C.I. We were impressed with what these teenagers had accomplished and the lessons they are learning as they seek out their own sponsors for their school's F1 racing team to compete as representatives of Ontario. As a consequence we decided that the NBCA would act as a minor sponsor for the group.

The team has advised us that they have placed 2nd in the Canadian National competition. Pending official confirmation, the team is expected to be going to Abu Dhabi to represent Canada in the international competition.

The Ice Storm Brought Out Our Community Spirit
January 2014

The ice storm of Dec. 22, 2013 impacted most of us, with those in the older part of our subdivision suffering the longest power outages. Neighbours often worked together to clear tree branches off the sidewalks and roads. Those with power that was restored early on took in neighbours and friends who were less fortunate.

Special Angels

During the bleak and dark days of the 2013 ice storm, when many folks were without power, heat, lights, or cooking facilities, many special people reached out to their friends and neighbours.

One such special angel on Denver Place, Robert, moved his generator around from house to house, at all hours of the night and day, for those needing and/or wanting the power to maintain some heat in their homes. Extra attention to keeping the temperature up at the White household, during Mr. White's illness, was very much appreciated by the White family ... Thank you Robert!

Another generator angel, Brett, kept a number of houses warm, also moving his wonderful machine house to house on Acre Heights, ensuring that many of his neigbours did not have to endure frigid temperatures. In the meantime Sharon and Brett welcomed anyone who came to their door to their "mini warming centre". What a great community we live in. Thank you Brett and Sharon!

All those who helped others in our community are to be congratulated on the community spirit they have demonstrated!!

Sale of City Lands
November 2013

Mr. Lorne Ross, the former Chief Planner for the City of Scarborough, in consultation with the community associations of Midland Park, Glen Andrew and our own community association, has written a letter to Toronto City Council asking it to use the proceeds from the sale of city lands within Scarborough Centre to the benefit of the residents of Scarborough Centre, as it is required by the Official Plan.

Sale of City Properties –Scarborough Centre - sent to the Mayor and Executive Committee Nov. 11, 2013pdficon_small.gif

Local Residents Receive Good Neighbour Award
Fall 2013

Councillor Glenn De Baermaeker recently awarded his “Good Neighbour” award to several North Bendale families – many as a result of a submission by the Comia Family of Erinlea Crescent to nominate those families.


The families that gave their permission to be identified as receiving the awards are as follows:

    • Isla & Cliff Booker (Northleigh Drive)
    • Angela Bourne (Lynnbrook Drive)
    • Chris & Joanne Douros, the Douros Family (Erinlea Cres)
    • Jim & Lila M (Erinea Cres)
    • Fred, Rene, Cameron & Benjamin Malcolm (Erinlea Cres)
    • Joaquin & Ysabella Lagman (Erinlea Cres)


The Comia Family have shared with us their reasons why each family was nominated, and also some interesting photos. We commend the Comia family for their efforts to promote the recognition of good neighbours in our community!
Please see..

Comia Family Good Neighbour Nominationspdficon_small.gif

We are now on Facebook!
Spring 2013

To better enable discussion of issues affecting our community, and to provide a place where residents can contribute their ideas and suggestions, we have now established a Facebook page for our association.

Just click on the link below to take you to our Facebook page - if you are not a Facebook member, you will have an opportunity to sign up.

Be sure to click on the Like button!


More Trees Planted in the Park
December 2011

The week of December 5, 2011 brought a pleasant surprise for our residents - the city planted some two dozen trees along the walkways leading to Faraday Drive and Monmouth Court, and also in the south east corner of the park. They are a most welcome addition!

April 2011

Our neighbourhood is a great place to live. However, recent events show that action is required by members of the community if we want it to remain that way. We all have a vested interest in keeping our community safe and preventing crime.

A recent study found that "The mere presence of graffiti more than doubled the number of people littering and stealing"

What can we do to help and what are our responsibilities?

To provide guidance and advice we have now added a new web page that may be accessed via the Safety directory tab. This page will tell you about the "Broken Window Theory", and what neighbourhoods have found that works to prevent decay and an increase in crime. It is intended to be a "resource" page, with documents and links to assist you.

Improving Public Spaces and Public Connections in Scarborough Centre
Spring 2011

On January 25, 2011 a Stakeholder Working Session was held with 35 participants, including several from our community association. The following key messages shared were:

  1. This is a good project. Improvements would be welcome by the stakeholders and the broader community.
  2. This area can be dangerous and difficult for pedestrians. Many more people would walk around Scarborough Centre if improvements were made.
  3. More green spaces are needed, and the woodlot needs to be improved.
  4. Albert Campbell Square isn’t always a thriving place, and it should be.
  5. Improving the movement of cars and parking options are also priorities. Many supported ideas about improving access from Ellesmere to Borough Drive.

Participants provided a number of suggestions, both verbally and in writing, that amplified these points.

  1. There are a number of ways pedestrian safety could be improved. For example, wider sidewalks, easier connections between Scarborough Town Centre Mall and the surrounding stores, condos and streets. It was also suggested that the mall be considered part of the pedestrian network.
  2. Wayfinding needs to be improved. Several said it’s hard for people to find their way around the area, especially getting to and from the Mall from the Civic Centre and Albert Campbell Square.
  3. Improved lighting will lead to improved safety. Lighting was mentioned several times as a way to improve pedestrian safety, with some areas deemed to be too dark for nighttime use.
  4. The wood lots are a great asset, but they could be improved. Paths through and adjacent sidwalks would benefit from improved lighting.
  5. Additional park space is needed. More places are needed where one can sit outside, and there are no green spaces north of the LRT where they would be useful.

The final report for this first session was made available on April 12, and is available here: Stakeholder Working Session #1 Final Reportpdficon_small.gif

A second stakeholders meeting is scheduled for Monday May 16, and will be followed by a Community Consultation session on Thursday, May 26th from 7 - 9 pm at the Scarborough Civic Centre, Committee Rooms 1&2.

North Bendale Junior Public School 50th Anniversary
October 2010

On Saturday, October 2, 2010 North Bendale Junior Public School celebrated it's 50th anniversary. An estimated 400+ visitors were in attendance.

The open house included:

  • 10:40 - 11:30 am a formal presentation in the Gym, where an overflow crowd was in attendance. Many former teachers were in the audience, and several former principals were on the stage and participated in the ceremonies.
    Speeches included those by:
    • Sherri Boland, Current Principal
    • Yvonne Taylor, President of the North Bendale Community Association
    • Scott Harrison, Trustee, Ward 19, Scarborough Centre
    • John Cannis, Member of Parliament, Scarborough Centre
    • Brad Duguid, Member of Provincial Parliament
    • Glenn de Baermaeker, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 38, Scarborough Centre
    • Kerry-Lynn Stadnyk, Superintendent of Education, SE2
    • Earl Park, Principal at North Bendale from 1983 - 1987

    Several plaques were presented, including one by the Current Principal in recognition of the contribution made by the Former Principals. A Tree Dedication and Cake Cutting Ceremony followed.

  • 11:30 - 1:30 pm Decade Rooms which featured class pictures and displays for each of the school's 5 decades
  • Tea Rooms set up in the Staff Room and Library where beverages, cake and other treats were offerred. Members from the Tennis Club looked after the Tea Rooms.
  • A BBQ hosted by the School Council. Bottled water, popcorn and hot dogs were served.
  • Historic cars and a firetruck.

Glen Ayr United Church 50th Anniversary
October 2010

The congregation of GLEN AYR UNITED CHURCH, 55 BRIMORTON DRIVE, celebrated their 50th Anniversary with special services each Sunday during the month of October. Former members and friends from the surrounding communities were invited to join with the congegation each Sunday morning.

Call the church at 416-438-9843 for further details.

Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Have Approved the Lease or Sale of Two Nearby TDSB Properties
January 2010

School Trustee Scott Harrison attended our January 20th NBCA meeting and brought with him several distinguished speakers.

  • Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC) CEO Shirley Hoy told us about the role played by the TLC in the management, lease or sale of properties declared surplus by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).

  • Regional Executive Director for Community Living Toronto (CLT) Garry Pruden spoke to us about the role his non-profit organization has played over the years with the running of the Harold Lawson Public School.
    • Initially the CLT aquired the land and built the school and full time residence in the early 1960s to provide a facility for intellectually challenged children. They operated both the residence and the school.
    • In 1969 the CLT were obligated by a regulation to provide TDSB ownership for the school portion of the building when the TDSB became obligated to provide education to children with an intellectual disability. The CLT maintained the residence in the other half.
    • In the 1990s the TDSB moved the function of the school to the Scarborough Village School and declared their 50% surplus to requirements. Since then the TDSB half of the building has been leased from time to time.
    • Recently the CLT has purchased the other 50% of the property and building. It now operates a respite residence in half of the building, and provides an adult day program in the former school half of the building.
    • The CLT have not formalized their long term plans for the property, but intend to continue to provide a respite residence and the adult day program. They aspire to provide some form of affordable housing when the existing buildong is eventually replaced.

  • School Trustee Scott Harrison spoke to us about the west parking lot at 140 Borough Drive (the City Centre) has been declared surplus to the Toronto District School Board. This means that the parking lot can be sold or leased, but parking must be maintained on the property for staff of a nearby TDSB building.

We greatly appreciate Scott Harrison, Shirley Hoy and Garry Pruden for taking the time from their busy schedules to brief us on these developments.

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