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Got a concern?

Members of the North Bendale community are welcome to attend any Board of Directors meeting to make their concerns known. Alternatively, they may express their concern in an email by contacting the President.

Should your concern be of a political nature, you may wish to refer to our Community Contacts page where we have provided contact information for the politicians with responsibility for our area.

Contact the President: info@northbendale.org

Website Disclaimer

President's Message

Greetings North Bendale,

We are in the midst of change in North Bendale Community Association as we evolve our role within the community in support of shifting demographics, lifestyle changes and societyís growing dependence on technology to plan their activities.

In February 2016 the Board of Directors determined after careful thought, debate and consideration to change our approach and focus on utilizing our recently refreshed website as our primary means of communication with our membership. We will strive to keep you aware of important issues that affect you and your families and continue to promote local events to keep you active within our local community.

Donít forget to sign up on our home page to be notified by email when our website is updated to ensure you receive our updates.

I hope to interact with you online soon!

Jason Rodricks
North Bendale Community Association

Board of Directors

The NBCA is operated by an annually elected Board of Directors who volunteer their time to meet throughout the year and carry out the business of the association. Your current Board of Directors are:

Name Title
Jason Rodricks President
- position vacant - Vice President
Hayley Scott Secretary
James Burchell Membership
Rosemary Dennis Treasurer
Gail Doehler Advertising
Cindy Vienneau Communications
Lumi Rodricks Community & School Liason
Norm Cruse Website


We thank all our past-Presidents who proudly served our community since our associationís foundation in 1961.

Board's Main Objectives

  • Promote awareness of local activities, events, and community concerns to our membership through our website and email communications.
  • Seek opportunities for community members to attend local events to get to know each other personally.
  • Provision track and field prizes for North Bendale Public School and St. Richard's Catholic School.
  • Assist in the development and improvement of the community.
  • Foster good fellowship and a spirit of neighbourliness in the community.

How the Board of Directors are Elected

All members of the North Bendale community are welcome to attend any of our Board of Directors meetings. Should an individual wish to serve on the Board of Directors, they should let one of us know by emailing info@northbendale.org so that they may be sponsored. Once an individual is sponsored, the Board of Directors votes to accept the new member.


All residents of the North Bendale Community bounded by McCowan Road, Ellesmere Road, Bellamy Road, and Brimorton Drive are automatically members of the association free of charge.

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